Is it ok to go off sick today?

I need to decide very quickly

On a med change and not feeling it

Should I take a mid-week break?

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Depends on what you’ve got ahead. Big fan of a mental health day and use them still as a volunteer. Doing your own business it’s different but still. People will understand if you say…hey. Had some things come up…you can look after that ok…

Honestly. It’s about your comfort. If your struggling have the day off and approach things tomorrow…but I’m a guy who likes some comfort!


Yes, it’s not bad.
If you need it, do it.


Isn’t that beauty of having you’re own business and being self employed? You make your own hours and go in when you want to? It’s pretty simple, if you have a client and a project right now, if you think you can miss a day or two and still get it done to the customers satisfaction and in enough time to satisfy the customer then by all means, take a couple days off.

On the contrary, if taking a couple days off is going to mess up your schedule and piss off a customer then maybe you should wait until Friday for a med change and see how it goes over the weekend.

You’re the boss, it’s up to you.


I went in even though I really shouldn’t have

Regret it now

These ADs need to start kicking in soon


Back home. It’s 3pm

I feel awful

Got two more days before weekend to endure

Week on Prozac. Hoping it starts to work

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