Is it ok to become asexual?

So recently I started cymbalta and lost interest in sex. All those insta hoes look weird to me now when they show off boobs and ass. So much today people are trying to look their best and attractive and one of major couple splits are not fully satisfying their partner. Heck even whole life we are told to reproduce. This is weird to me as I still have some sexual dreams, but dont look for a partner. How do I cope with loss of feelings and how do I accept im becoming asexual?

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Sounds to me more like you’re just viewing the world through a different lens. How can I say this? After certain substances, I noticed the world was much more grim and desperate than when on that substance. It’s like looking at everything going from drab to wonderful, and back to drab again. Very depressing actually.

A sexual what?..

Some of those models on Instagram finna make me asexual, too. For real, I don’t find surgery. . . “improvements” all that attractive. I think the same about the era of bodybuilding with Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman and such; its just ain’t pleasing to the eyes to me.

My Alter ego is pretty mad at me for not pursuing women. It’s been a hateful situation for a long, long time.

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