Is it ok to be average?

And I’m not average by any means. Everyone seems to like me in real life and I have a lot going for me and stuff. I’m just saying, is it ok to blend in more?? To not have to seem so damn crazy and grandiose and outrageous and ambitious. And just be happy being a normal person. Obvious the answer is Yes Lol I’m making this thread for myself. I go through these swings of grandiosity, and swings of “Buddhist enlightenment” periods. I just went through a grandiose one now I think I’m headed towards a more serene one. It’s ok right??? To go back and forth?? Till you find what’s right?


I used to panic about this issue a hell of a lot

it’s all fine yes

it’s perfect and normal

lots of worries… it all works out


Today at work the lady said the other lady who works there has an aneurism or something and she might have to leave for medical reasons…and I would take her place…hinting I might have a job…hate to make it at her expense cuz shes such a nice lady but if she feels comfortable with me taking over then thatd be interesting…


I’m sorry to hear - if the job is right for you - try not to feel bad - it’s just life…

and maybe a good thing for you soon - who knows - you didn’t wish it on her

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Yeah I certainly didn’t. I just met the woman and she’s very sweet to me. I’m only a temporary worker (employed by a state run agency for people with disabilities) but I could get hired long term if it’s the right fit for everyone.

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good luck if you want it

good work

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is it paid?

/ full time?

most jobs are a big ask for people with this illness

Paid and part time. Typical work week is 20 hours. Pretty laid back.

All I ever want @Thanna from my life is one girl to love me like I should be deserved to loved?? Sometimes it feels good that everyone “likes” me…but I’d rather have 1 person love me than everyone “liking” me.


It’s possible :slight_smile:
find someone with a defect. lots of people have defects and everyone is needy in this area

there are hundreds of women out there who would be perfect for you

be brave - date - and keep trying to find someone and play hard to get

i met my husband in 06


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I think what you are thinking makes a lot of sense. Hollywood and the media feeds us that we need to be extraordinary to get noticed but the older I get the more I appreciate people who work hard without being attention seeking and just live average lives. This is becoming more and more what I want as well but I am still fighting the teenage dream of being a big music hero even though I know I am not that.

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@Thanna me personally I like ethnic girls, like Latina or black women…I have a thing for these women. Do you know where I can meet these women? interracial dating gets tricky in my county cuz there’s lots of discrepancy in class between races in the sense that the white people are the rich and the ethnic are poorer, meanwhile there’s me disabled white kid caught in all this non-sense when i’m just trying to find love. money is a big thing here, less so in what people need, but moreso in what they SEE. it’s tough to live by these rules…

yeah I prefer to blend in… :smiley:

for my sanity I need them to stay away from me… yesterday I got several these are my problems long talks from strangers… all the normies want to do is ask for life advice… I can be standing in line at Walmart and a stranger will just tell me a my troubles tale and ask for advice…i don’t think that is normal… I cant take so much suffering on… haha it sounds like a curse…feels like one…

good job on the job…lol sounds like you are enjoying it…