Is it ok not to have a "life".?

Is it? money, apt, status, etc…is it ok not to have these?

We’re not expected to have a lot of things.

Yes it is ok not to have a typical life or for it not to turn out how you may have expected. It helps to remind oneself that life is more than how much money a person may have, where someone might live, whether they are viewed as successful, as for status there are plenty of ways of viewing it. Quality of life is a very important factor, what matters first is that you are well. Negative things others think of you does not matter very much especially if they are uneducated about mental illnesses. That does not mean you cannot nor should not aspire to succeed at whatever goals or dreams you may have. It isn’t easy but a form of normalcy according to modern society is attainable. There is a Chinese proverb that I really like, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Think of life as a journey; no two journeys are the same.


Do what you want.

If you can’t get those things it’s OK. It has to be OK. Everything is life. Your life may be without riches, but “it is what it is”. It’s your life. You do what you can, right? You make due and you do the best you can with the cards you were dealt. Not everybody has those things, schizophrenic or not. Something like 40% of Americans have $15,000 in credit card debt. That means a lot of them are technically poor. And if you have a computer and you are smart enough to use it, and you have a room to keep it in and you can go to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water than you are doing better than 50% of the other people on this planet. Just be grateful for a couple seconds (or a minute) that you are not living with schizophrenia in some refugee camp in some war torn country somewhere in the world. How would you like to be schizophrenic in Haiti or Libya, or certain African countries where there is no medication available, and no treatment? How would you like to be schizophrenic and see your father killed in front of you and see your sister and mother carted off and raped? Because that’s the reality for many people. And the old cliche is true. It can always be worse. My life is certainly no picnic and I was just complaining to my sister about how hard my life is. She reminded me, I have a job, a car, money in the bank, a nice place to live. And I’m complaining . My life is good. Yesterday, I gorged myself at Taco Bell. When my sister gets home we’re going to play Ping-Pong in her clubhouse in her mobile home park. What the hell am I complaining about? I realize I’m very lucky compared to some people but it’s not like I’m the only one who got a little something. Pixel and Mortimer and a few others live in comfort and I’m sure they don’t sit around wasting time feeling guilty about it. Good luck.

a lot


**money, apt, status, etc."

Are these things - a life?

My life is bereft of many of the things other people value. I’m a 56 year old male and I’ve never had kids. I feel like that has denied me much of the gratification other people have had, but there are compensations for that. I live in an apartment with a bad roof, and when it rains I put out many buckets, but water still gets on the floor. As long as it’s not too bad I don’t mind. I don’t envy people with nice houses. Most of them are terrorized by their mortgages. I get into the simple pleasures of my life. If your life is inundated by pleasure those things can stop being pleasurable to you.

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Honestly maybe the happiest person that I ever met is homeless and he said that what makes life good for him is NOT having so many responsibilities and debts.

For me happiness is working a full day doing the best job I can then coming home without people trying to kill me is a good day.

Believe it or not(Lol) people have disliked me enough to where they have tried to kill me.

The more you release yourself from the chains of whats appropriate or acceptable more you gonna be happier.


Im agree with sarad… within reason.

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