Is it ok not to be super ambitious?

Or do people look down on you if you don’t take advantage of opportunities to progress? I struggle with low mood and anxiety and I feel like the ‘professions’ would prove to be highly stressful and pressurised for that reason. I am considering taking a job as a sales assistant although I am 28, have a Masters Degree, and possibly not where I ought to be in life…


Hi, Diana!

What do you like to do?

I’d say it’s all a matter of what you want. Don’t let people put pressure on you like that. To me, ambition is not OK if it’s too much. But maybe to someone else ambition can be Great for them and I won’t knock them for that. It’s all a matter of perspective

I like reading, film, art, travel, netflix, meeting new people, music, good food, exercise, I’m hoping to start a part time course in journalism in October and build a portfolio…


Pretty nice! That’s awesome that you know the things you like. If it’s journalism that you like, go for it. You can, for example, work with journalism and good food. But it’s up to you. Just an idea. Good luck!

You seem to have a lot of frustration with this topic.
Whatever works for you is okay.


That’s ambitious ! Good luck with it :sunny: