Is it not true that medications reaction very from person to person?


Is it not true that medication responses in each individual vary person to person due to diffences in in biological , and or genetic coding per human body ?


Ya. Everybody is different.

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Abilify helps so many people on this site. I took it and had neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Just an example.

Also, my positive symptoms stopped when I started taking Latuda. Someone else here just went to the hospital because the same medication didn’t help them. Another example.


Why do you ask?


I’ve been on Zyprexa for two months now. It usually makes people sedated, yet it gives me insomnia so I take it in the early morning. It usually makes people eat a lot, yet it curbs my appetite. Yes, everyone’s different.


Yes. I had superstrong and weird responses to meds (psych meds but also the pill and antibiotics). Docs wouldnt believe me.


Yes That’s true. One person’s miracle pill is another’s downfall.

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