Is it not being ready or is it not being willing?

I’ve been told it’s children aren’t ready but adults aren’t willing. Children can’t, adults won’t. As the MI, I think we fall somewhere in between.

Sometimes adults can’t.

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That’s what I mean. I was caught up in that statement because my parents expected way too much when we were only children. I washed dinner dishes when I was 4 years old.

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Nothing wrong with washing dishes, I did it when I was 4-6.

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Did you stand up on a chair? Do you remember the plates feeling heavy?

My daughter has been washing dishes since she was 18 months old. 🤷 She’s 4 now and I don’t have to rewash most of the things she washes.

What’s wrong with kids doing chores?

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I was a tired, outwardly unwanted child to begin with. The abuse ads up. Unloved children can do less than others, not more. I lost the bottle at 10 months, was potty trained at a year old and had to go to the bathroom alone at age two, also dressing myself and keeping my toys in order. You might want to boast that your kid is above average and then wonder why somehow fails in the long haul of growing up.

I don’t really remember much of my parents in my childhood. Mother always had depression so that had an impact on me, naturally.

I don’t remember my parents but I remember myself and what I had to do. You will probably remember as time presents itself.

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Weird, we learned in psychology that humans can’t remember before the age of 4 y.o., teacher said we make false memories about what happened before the age of 4.

I got help remembering from my mother. But I do have early memories. I think psychologists are just telling nervous parents to relax because their kids will never remember what they did to them.

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