Is it normal?

To be attracted to your Therapist/Psychiatrist ?

I’ve heard a lot of relationships build between a client and those in a care position
It happens but it’s never happened to me

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I think it’s normal to be attracted to attractive people hahaha.
Also she listens to you and empathizes so developing feelings wouldn’t be unusual.
As long as it’s not obsessive fantasizing I wouldn’t worry.


I think it break some unwritten laws, but as long as you’re a man and she’s a woman and you’ve been seeing each other regularly for some time it’s normal to be a attraction, so yes it’s normal to fantesize about her but not to tell her or make a move

I think even therapists /psychiatrists are attracted to some pacients but we as human are attracted to a lot of people, we can’t help it.

Hundred of milions of women were probably attracted to obama or fantesize about him but as long as they don’t act on it it’s all good

We can have fantesies about people without wondering if it’s normal or not but to act on them in some situation might not be normal like the situation. You have.

A boss can be attracted to a female coworker or vice verse but they don’t act on it so it’s good.


I found all my good therapists attractive. I don’t act on it. But I’m happy I find them especially their personalities attractive because it’s just like a more guided constructive healthy relationship.

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I had 2 therapists that I found attractive, it is either normal or I am attracted to too many people ha.

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I obviously would never make a move on her, shes married etc…

But shes so nice lol.



I used to have a nurse practitioner who was very attractive, pretty sure my heart rate was always up with her around.

I was also attracted to a few girls who worked in the hospital when I was in there.

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Maybe its cause she knows me so well , the real me.

It feels like thats special in a way.

I dunno, I suppose lots of people have crushes on their Therapist/Pdoc !!

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Well it helps when they are attractive and interesting as well…

Yea thats the problem lol, shes so so beautiful.

I always keep it professional though.

I know shes my pdoc and thats that !!

I once had a therapist I was very attracted to.

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