Is it normal to recover slowly?

its in my head. even when I was thin I was mean and complexed. I think its up to my soul to heal. I am stupid yes, I really cant get a movie right now or a book…its just there is something which is quite not right with me… I don’t know what it is… I never knew a schizophrenic who lost his ability to this point. I cant calculate money well enough anymore…

there is absolute lack of thoughts in my mind sometimes…

This is in no way intended to take away from your struggle, but your ability to think clearly, including counting, will improve again. Getting off the stuff will make your brain power go backwards for a while, but with the right help and just by exercising your mind each day, you will get better and your ability to do the things you used to be able to will start to appear closer and closer until they’re finally within your reach.

Then one day in the not so distant future you’ll be looking back on now thanking yourself for not giving up. It is not easy, but keep it up as every little effort counts!

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yeah but its tiring to always struggle when you see that others are loved, or appreciated cause they are beautiffull succesfull and intelligent. I am just a sick person… my ex told me that I am dumb… I couldn’t speak at the time. but probably this was one of the things who made me want to get better… but yes, I am alone since ever, never knew the love and I am tired to seek for it :(…I am just tired yes

If they are loved because they are intelligent, beautiful or successful, then by my measure that is not love - that’s admiration at best - but more likely jealousy and envy. Love is about VALUE. You are valuable. All life is precious.

You’re tired. Rest. Rest and then take a step, then rest again. Every step counts.

Recovery is always slow. The fact that you want to recover is amazing already. The first 2 out of 3 diagnosed SA I met didn’t want to recover. One just took drugs to cope and she ended up really bad and the other let people do tormenting ■■■■ to him because they were his “friends”. You are clearly hurting and I am sorry for that. It’s normal to feel tired after so long going with the same struggle forever and it just ruins whatever emotion you are feeling and turns it to exhaustion. I know that feel.

ebe guess what apathy. I was the victim of my called ‘‘friends’’ after my diagnosed for years so I fit in your ‘‘statistic’’. for some people its a shock yes… I spent 7 years in the psychiatry, without a light of hope… and now I feel tired that’s all… yes, it ruins my emotions…

You were a victim of your friends?

yes, I was… the same guy who told me that I am dumb told me also that he wanted to sleep with my schizo friend… she was taking me all the guys who I liked cause I was too dumb… and now there is another ill friend who always finds a way to take money from me, cigarettes etc etc

That’s horrible stuff. I imagine that bothers you to no end.

Recovery is slow, there’s always ups and downs but the general slope in recovery is up

now this morning I spent it calling my mother a ■■■■… I feel depressed also. ok, probably its serious. but do you think honestly that an antidepressant can help me? cause I am really envious right now of my schizofriend and I wanna die :(…

You should definitely ask that question of your GP, Anna :slight_smile: Medications are designed to help, it’s all about finding the right ones for you.

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