Is it normal to have a little bit more paranoia now, that i am less sedated by the meds?

So I stopped experimenting with meds. I pay some few efforts too. So my energy is a bit better now. My mood sometimes is better too. But I still have some paranoia by moments. Or my fears… This impression of darkness, that I cant escape. Idk why I get scared like this… Maybe its up to balance all this now? and still wait?

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I have never taken anything that made all my symptoms go away. My moods are still up and down, just not as much so, and i still deal with paranoia, too. I guess it just comes with the territory.


Yeah, for me its the same. My symptoms are less in intensivity, but I have them a lot still. What we can do then? Pay efforts? Or just wait more?

this makes me think of the Ramones

“I want to be sedated…”

maybe caffeine? is making you feel paranoia

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The meds don’t take it all away for me either. Here are some tips I’ve been taught.

  1. Don’t drink caffeine
  2. Don’t eat chocolate
  3. Don’t eat/drink sugary foods
  4. Don’t watch scary movies/tv
  5. Spend time outside
  6. Exercise
  7. Get good sleep

I know these tips don’t take it away either. Believe me, I knooow. But they do help you cope.


Ok, thank you darling :slight_smile: Yeap, I need to pay efforts too. Even my docs said it. I should change this isolation now, its the time. It made the things worse for me and I am quite sad still, that I missed so many things, but I should watch to the future now.
In fact, I feel differently every day now because of the meds, so I guess they work. I am still symptomatic, but I could not expect much with so heavy illness.
Gosh, my body is in a pity state, but whatever. I want to live now.
I also was probably heavily sedated in the past. I didn’t realize it, cause i am quite apathetic in my illness. Without positive emotions too. Its heavy to be on those kind of meds, but we need them. But me, I wasn’t even aware of their side effects, cause I was kinda of too ‘‘dead’’ and desperate. I lived with emotional pain for years, its strange…

I want to live now.

That’s the best thing I ever read on this forum!

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