Is it normal to feel more anxious on a lifting trt before i feel better?

Ok, so I had to skip even my mother today. I see only her since years. I was feeling tired to listen her always talking. Plus, I was anxious which was worse. I feel more now my inner pathological sensations… idk why… I feel weakness, I feel some waves of bad energy in myself. and my mom got mad when I left her. She started to shout at me again. She said that those meds are not working and that I became an elephant on them. Nice no?
But please, tell me that you had anxiety also on your lifting treatment, no? and than it settled down, no? The plus on the lithium now for me is that I talk easily. I feel more alive too, not so dead. On Zyprexa, even my motricity was bad, kind of heavy if you see…
I just want to know if its so hard to ‘‘revive’’ me in the beginning of a lifting trt? Is it always so strange and hard? Plus, with anxiety too?
I even don’t want to tell what my mother says when she is pissed off. She is thousand miles from my suffering I find… she says I don’t struggle etc. yeah…


anybody? weren’t you anxious too in the start of your treatment? Today I even couldn’t listen to my mom or sit calmly on the couch… I preferred to go back at my house. Its not so strange even though its just lithium, cause this med lifts the serotonin. and we, sz, are sensible to this. Ill wait some days still but today was hard.

The best you can do is keep hopeful as success doesn’t come overnight
You have to keep trying with the help of your doctor
Once you start to feel a little better you might find that you start to want to do things

Shellys, my ex doc tried to help me for 8 years!!! She gave up at the end, you know… I wasn’t getting better. Even my new doc asked me what do I want from him exactly cause nobody didn’t help me. I need something to make me more alive, not the dead zombie which I am on Zyprexa. but every lifting med lifts my anxiety to the point that I cant be around people. how it will get better??? pfff…
Nobody here who was also anxious in the beginning of his treatment? and after some time, it settles down?
I often see ill people pacing, anxious because of their trt… Maybe it gets better after time no? well, its been 2 months on lithium for me. But I was almost dead for 10 years before that, even more. I want so badly the hope that my anxiety will settle down…

Believe me I had anxiety and restlessness in the early years
I could not sit down I used to pace from one room to the other
Mind you have different problems to me
But things can settle down
It’s about managing symptoms in the meantime

and did the meds help you on the anxiety, shellys?
I am also quite limited and dumb in my illness. I don’t say that I am dumb with despair, its the reality that I have some intellectual and memory disability already(cognitive symptoms etc etc). Zyprexa is making all this worse. Ill kill myself if I stay only on Zyprexa, its not a big help!
the problem is that my efforts doesn’t help my anxiety anymore, probably I got it bad with all this isolation…

When I got out of hospital I had a really great mental health support worker she took me out twice a week
My anxiety was stopping me doing anything she worked through it with me I found that she was a good help
Can you get anyone to support you like that

The problem is that I became stubborn of taking any help. No, we don’t have support workers in my country also… I became a fighter of my own, but my situation is not good…

I have an aggression in me a lot sometimes. I feel very guilty and sad because of this. The rage is strong sometimes and it paralyzys me to act. I guess you hadnt so much aggression…

I was very aggressive when I went into hospital
One day I sat in the hospital reception and just screamed
I also swore a lot and shouted at people
I actually threw cold coffee at one of the other patients so I have experienced aggression

I never tried lithium so I don’t know how it is but I know I can’t tolerate stimulating antidepressants cause of anxiety and GI problems, but gabapentin and l theanine take my anxiety from about a 10 to a 5. We all react differently to meds, I have tried zyprexa though and although it did work good for me it made me so hungry and kind of blah, I switched back to resperidone which worked good and it helped me with anger too. Like shelly said I had a support worker help me break the isolation by driving and going places with me when it was really bad. If you want to break isolation another thing that was good for me was group therapy because my anxiety looked obvious but the group understood, didn’t judge me which helped.

Oh, thank you for the honesty, shellys!!! It touches me :slight_smile: Me, I try to be honest too sometimes with all of you here :slight_smile: Yeah. Now my rage is more on the surface, I am not sure if its better like this. Before it was more suppressed in me so the others didn’t even notice that I was angry ( I speak about my mom).
But still, nobody answered me here. Is the anxiety a normal reaction in the start of our lifting meds? I also monitor myself too closely now which is pissing off in a way.

Lol, there is something strange with me. I guess I overthink still. My brain work with thousand miles when it comes up to problems wow… This kind of thinking should decrease. Aps never helped diminish this kind of thinking. Maybe lithium will calm down my catastrophical thoughts too. But still, besides the anxiety that I have now, I feel more ‘‘soul’’ pain on it. Gosh, I wish it would work. Like I said, the Zyprexa wont help me to get some kind of life, I am sure of this already. Neither any other ap I find…
Shellys, me too I was shouting at all the possible patients in one of my hospitals lol :slight_smile: I ended up by being hated even by the docs and the personal there and my mother just took me out of the hospital cause she got afraid that they’ll put me on some bad drugs because of my behavior…

Do you have a healthy diet
High fibre diet lots of fruits and vegetables
It can help mood

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In addition to your current meds, I think you are one of those who might really benefit from therapy. You really want to get better and do more for yourself. Therapy won’t necessarily change your negative symptoms but you can be on your way to accomplishing more with your time, reducing anxiety, and handle more stress.


I had a similar experience with my Sz. I’ve had high anxiety for a long time (four years) A few months ago I started getting really angry after I got anxious, maybe similar to what you are going through?. Eventually I worked out that a lot of the anxiety and anger was about other life problems, and wasn’t directly linked to Sz, but I was expecting the medication to fix it for me. I did some soul searching and I feel a lot better now. I still need my ap’s, there’s no way I’m getting off those.

I think @anon62973308’s idea is a good one. With a therapist maybe try to work out your anger and anxiety?


My therapy was a little different. It is intensive 3 days a week and they teach you specific coping skills to better prepare you to function in society. It is all high functioning motivated people. Just talking to a therapist once in a while did not help me much. I’m suggesting intensive therapy. But working out the source of your problems is one coping skill we learned about that I find effective.

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