Is it normal to be put on monthly invega 150mg injection plus Zyprexa 20 mg daily

for paranoid sz. Is that a high dose?

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I mean 156 invega sustenna? Idk I was on 156 for like 6 months and that alone almost limited me to the couch all day and I gained 30 lbs. in the hospital they usually start zyprexa at 10 mg for a mild psychosis. To be on both must really limit u and I bet you would feel over medicated. That’s just my opinion tho.

Don’t worry if its a high dose, what matters is if its working

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@Opus do u take metformin …

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Yeah i do take metformin, 500mg a day.

That is a lot. What I learned in neuropsychopharm was that pdocs don’t like prescribing two APs at once unless it’s as a last resort, like no other meds are working on their own.

Bob you are in the uk right like me? I think poly pharmacy (two or more meds at once) is more common over here. I am on two antipsychotics too.

yes I am. Is it common for people who are treatment resistant?

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Yeah. I was treatment resistant. I think in the uk you get called treatment resistant if you have tried two atypical APs and one typical.