Is it normal not wanting a girlfriend so badly?

I’m good being single.

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I’ve become religious and i don’t want a girlfriend because i do not want to have sex with anyone unless i am married. The thing is though, if i get married then it will lead to me having a child or two, but i do not want to have the responsibility of raising the kids because i just don’t know what would be good for them.

You crack me up your bio :joy:

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I think it’s healthy to want a girlfriend, but at the same time not being obsessed with having a girlfriend. I’ve had a few girlfriends in my life, but my schizophrenia prevented those relationships from being close and personal. I was very fortunate five years ago (at the age of 47) when I met a woman with schizophrenia.

No need to try and rush into a relationship, for it will happen when it happens.


Not had a girlfriend for ten years. Can’t really see me getting one in the future.

Funnily enough not really bothered at all. I would feel pressured if I had a girlfriend.

Hey, @Jimbob! Maybe you can pick up some girls without the willing of having a girlfriend (not seeking a serious relationship), then it may release the pressure. As @kindness said, it’s healthy to want a girlfriend and, I think, looking for them is healthier (I mean meeting new people is healthier, you don’t need to be obsessed with having a girlfriend).

We just need to hang out to get used with flirting and talking to new people. Maybe you can use Tinder in order to heat up.

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I know but If I hadn’t updated my bio, I’d be getting a lot of private messages… probably…