Is it normal not wanting a girlfriend so badly?

I want a girlfriend, but I don’t want it so badly. I have a friend who’s desperate for a girlfriend and it made think that I have something wrong with me. I just want to do things steadily. I’m recovering steadily and I like it.

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I’m fully recovered and don’t care for a girlfriend. I like my independence. I do like sex though but there’s always escorts lol.


Lol I get very distracted with girls. I want to have a lot of them. I don’t if it’s correct though.

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Maybe one day you’ll wanna settle down but for now it’s neither right nor wrong. As long as you don’t deceive them by telling you love them and stuff to get them to have sex with you.

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I see. I would never deceive a girl. It’s kind dirty. Maybe one day I will settle down, but, what I know is that I don’t want a girlfriend so badly. Once a person said me that I should focus on just one girl because that is God will (it made me feel bad for having thoughts about having more than one girl).

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What is normal these days?

I wouldn’t worry about trying to be normal.


Do you have decreased libido? The reason why I’m asking is that I do. I used to really want a girlfriend badly. Now because the sexual desire is gone I only kinda do.

it’s “her” not “it,” a woman is a human being and not an object.

it’s okay to not want a partner now. you are you. maybe things will change later on, or maybe not. but you are you.


I don’t think I have decreased libido. I want to have sex (I kind often look at girls while walking on the streets). I would have sex everyday :smiley:!

Thanks, @Prince_Boring! I will start an English course, then my grammar will be better.

I think so. I think that maybe it’s not the right time to have a girlfriend. I still want to enjoy life and girls. Maybe one day I’ll fall in love (who knows).

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Lots of men and women do not want a relationship, I would like a GF, but I guess not all that much as I don’t put any effort into finding one. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Some people just like their freedom


I had a habit with massage parlour/escorts. That will mess with your reasons for having a gf lol


Yeah, I think a lot of people doesn’t want a relationship nowadays. I wouldn’t put effort to have a girlfriend, but I would put effort to get laid or to just make out. I’m not telling that I would be a man who just want sex and nothing more, but I would be comprehensive and kind with the girl, no matter if she’ll be my girlfriend or not. I want contact but no serious relationship.

Lol. I’ve never been with a massage parlour or escort. I don’t know if it’s healthy to stay with them just for sex. I don’t know, maybe for some people it’s okay.

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you’re not really suppose to tell real-life people about that kind of stuff. you never know who’s reading your post…

paranoid? maybe

I don’t think it is illegal in Brazil

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“better safe than sorry”, my paranoid sz always says…

Sometimes the possibility of a girlfriend sounds sweet to me, but I’m working on my writing, and I don’t like distractions when I am writing.


I’ve been sick for 8 or 9 years(i’m 25 now). Not until a couple years ago did I start wanting a girlfriend. And I think this change is just a reflection of my increased depression and my need for more happiness.


Oh this site is pretty anonymous. Nothing my real life friends don’t know lol

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