Is it much more difficult to be an author at a young age

Most authors I see are like older. Well I’ve written a few books they’re decent mostly about my life but now as I’m maturing I feel I should write more and eventually they’ll be good. I throw some philosophy and stuff into them.


I think as we get older we have more life experience to flavor our writings. Good luck with yours.


I started out as a poet

when it’s all said and done

I hope they will say

It was all poetry.

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I had felt the Internet could help me write better. Message forums like this one. I set out to be a writer first. Then a poet @Daze. Now I just like it all. And yes they are very intertwined

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read the classics

they’ll stir your soul

then pick up lit mags

to know who’s hot right now.


Which classics do you recommend. I have moby dick. Terence McKenna said the writing of moby dick was the greatest accomplishment in United States history lol

many people swear by that one

I’ve never read it

did almost all of Hemingway and Fitzgerald

but also loved the Russian classics

when I was quite young I read all of Herman Hesse

and then got into the beatniks, my kids dad and I were born again hippies.

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I also have war and peace my pdoc recommended Tolstoy

I’ve read some Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg, hippies too

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they used to tell me back in the day

that I had potential

that’s what they’ll tell you when your’e young

but having a strange mind helps too

and you should really do it like a journalist

religiously, in a routine, and rudementary.


the academy giving out the award to young poets

these winners were 35

it tended to upset me

but now, I guess that’s still young

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You only need a pen or a word processor…

Getting published and making money is another world. But success in those areas isn’t necessarily a measurement of your merit as an author.

I actually don’t think people read books anymore! But, of course, I might be projecting.

I have heard that reading helps writing. So, if one is quite young and doesn’t have a lot of reading under their belt it could make it harder to be an author. But then there may be those that have a good vocabulary just from day to day communicating and can pull it off.

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That’s my advice to young poets. Read read read. The more you read, the better


Some say hip hop is a “young mans game”. People usually start their careers about the same age I started writing poetry and raps. But I see no reason I can’t make the music at a later age if I want.


Yes and no. My daughter has written three novels so far and has them on Wattpad. Are they wonderful? No, she’s 17 and a bit short on life experience. But if she keeps writing this often and this hard she will eventually produce something worthy. Also, she reads a LOT. The best writers are also readers. Those who don’t read invariably don’t write well.


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