Is it mean

refusing offered food is…

  • not mean
  • mean

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No, it’s not mean. Unless you’re at a dinner party or something. :slight_smile:

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It’s not mean, if something you don’t want

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Depends on whose offering it. Or where it’s being offered. Or what the situation is where someone is offering you food.

You get offered food?!

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It’s considered rude to eat something when first offered, appears you came over just to eat.

No if you don’t want it you don’t want it… I’d rather have someone pass on my food than eat it because they felt forced to by social formalities… This may be highly offensive in some other countries though… Some people have weird to americans social formalities…

I visited one…I cleaned my plate because it was delicious…but I noticed everyone else left about a mouth full on their plates… Later I asked my host why… To clean your plate means the host did not provide you with enough food making them feel like an asshat bad host…so you leave a little to say dammm that was good and you gave me more than enough to get full you are awesome…

Exactly. It depends on the circumstances.