Is it me or her

My wife doesn’t want to have anything to do with me

Why what’s going on @TomCat?

Are you ok? Is your wife still drinking heavily? If so, she’s choosing her addiction over you. She’s too sick to love you properly

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Apparently my ed

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Yeah I have ed also but I don’t have a partner
It’s tough.
I’m sorry @TomCat but can you take meds for it?

You can get sildenifil cheap on GoodRx. It helps my husband. He takes three at a time instead of just one. He also takes it on an empty stomach for it to work best

My wife posted this. She insists upon knowing my password and comes on here every day.

That’s kinda creepy, but to each their own.


You should not tell your wife your password so she can’t troll us.


Yeah that’s not cool @TomCat
I just posted private information about myself…
Don’t give her your password.

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I have meds that don’t work

@TomCat that’s not cool. A rule here is not sharing passwords or accounts. This is stated when you join.

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