Is it illegal to import meds which are not available in US/CA?

So the antipsychotic called “amisulpride” is not available in america and canada.

Can you buy it from India and get someone to send your meds in US/CA ?

I couldn’t find info about Canada but my Dr said that Health Canada won’t be happy if I import meds from the US into Canada. I think he meant that its illegal but not sure I will ask him again.

You can’t receive or send prescription meds by mail but Drs, distributors with license and pharmacies/pharmacies are allowed to do so. Thats what I read.

How about you buy it from india and send them to US/CA ?

Yes, it’s illegal.

I think thats illegal. The new law is just for importing from Canada to the US.

Is it legal for me to personally import drugs? | FDA.

It’s not legal in the uk but I imagine it’s illegal otherwise they would be prescribed.

How about you go for a travel to the US for 1 month, can you take your meds with you in this scenario ?

Yes, up to 90 days I read is allowed.

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You can take your prescribed meds with you when crossing borders.

You just can import drugs from other countries if it’s illegal where you live.

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It’s not illegal if FDA approved it