Is it illegal? - For a school to ask if you've ever had mental health therapy or counseling?

For a school to ask if you’ve ever had mental health therapy or counseling?

A school? Like applying as a student? Probably. They can’t even ask if you have HIV, I think.

After the shooting at several schools and the high suicide rate in lots of colleges across the country there was talk about screening new students for depression or other mental health issues so they would be able to use preventive mental health treatment to stop more shootings and counsel potentially suicidal students. I never heard if colleges implemented this idea but maybe it started. Maybe the college you are applying at is doing legal screening of students to see who is at risk for suicide or to stop more shootings from happening.

there is this non college school of acting I want to apply to. but i don’t because they ask that question. I check their website every year or so to see if they change it but they don’t. Maybe I should file a lawsuit?

They ask if you are crazy?

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