Is it helpful when people challenge your delusions?

I’m just wondering what your take is, on being told “you’re having a delusion”.

During my latest delusional period (mostly unmedicated, which lasted 2 or 3 years), I didn’t really hear people call me on it. I either thought they didn’t realise I was right, needed to see a dr themselves, had been tricked into the cover up or was part of it.

I thought a lot of people were having me on, to be honest, and many conversations felt like things were implied in a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” kind of way. It was so confusing.

Anyway, what are your experiences? I was going to do a poll on this, but I’m not sure if I have the privilege to yet lol.


I’ll add a poll for you if you tell me what you want

Oh, yes please. Perhaps:

Not really

Is it helpful when people challenge your delusions?
  • Always
  • Usually
  • Not Really
  • Never

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Psychiatrists rarely, if ever entertain a delusion. They just write in their notes ’ exhibiting delusions of grandeur, paranoia, conspiracy’ etc. And then proceed to dumb you down with meds.


I don’t have delusions anymore but I remember when I was psychotic not believing people who challenged my delusions. Either that or just thinking that they did not know the truth.

Also, I challenge peoples delusions here all the time and rarely does it help anything in the long run. I think you need a working medication to get you on your way out of the delusions before you will listen to anyone.

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I always say, open, honest, and respectfully that it’s a point of civil contention. That I have questions and doubt due to the things I’ve witnessed and experienced. My answers to the truth will only come after I die. Until then it’s party time.

My fiancée is best at it, she can remind me that they aren’t real, while being respectful of my beliefs.

People that just brush me off because of it can upset me, but that becomes more internalized.


The Word ‘Challenge’. Delusions. Reality. Illusions. Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace.

From Our Very First Exclusive Day On Thus Planet Known As Earth.

As That Strange Scientific Man Explains, Within The Challenging Hopeful Clear Message, Of ‘The Pale Blue Dot’. As I Leaned In Forward Towards The Speakers In The Sky.

My Psychologist, Once Said To Me, As I Was Complaining And Explaining My Voices. . .,

She Said, ‘Challenge Your Voices’.

And I Stood In Awe At Her Very, Short, Clear, And Concise Paradigm Shifting Voice In The Wilderness Of Nursing A Wild Animal Back To Health. ‘Hmm. Challenge My Voices’. Indeed.

And She Disappeared Back Into The Forest As I Sat Back In Redemptive Justice.

I Would Like To Add To Thus Message In A Bottle. Not Only Should We Quietly, Peacefully Challenge Our Voices And Or Visual Hallucinations. But!, Everything Within Close Proximity.

For If You Do…, You May Find Many Solutions…, To Many Of All That Holds You Back. . .

Nothing Out Of Hand of Course. But!, Seek In Simplicity. Analyze The Trees, The Limbs, The Leaves, The Birds, And The Bees. If You Are Not Near Such, Then!, Analyze The People In The Crowded Streets. It Will Possibly Become Confusing. But!, That’s Where Peace Sleeps. And Dreams. And Dreams, And Dreams, And Dreams. Be It Now Breathing!.

I internalised my delusions. So no one ever really had the chance to challenge them until I snapped. And then I was too ill to know what was going on. Treatment was slow, and put me in great danger

Depends how far along I am. If I’m already at the point where I’m self harming, there’s nothing that can be done

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