Is it easy to become homeless in America if you have Schizophrenia?

What are the safeguards for people with a SZ/SZA? If you are receiving social security benefits and are kicked out your housing what services would become available to you to prevent you becoming homeless? How does it work in the states?



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Very interesting stats @anon35453467.


there is subsidized affordable housing and low income housing programs for sz…but its a process and there may be wait lists.
Where I live I had to move in with my parents because they didn’t have any beds available for me at the time I needed one, I signed up and am now on a wait list.

If I couldn’t have moved in with my parents I don’t know what I would have done…I would have got help eventually but it would have been a wait. So yes it is easy to become homeless in the states.

my old world friends used to tell me, that foreigners coming to America have no idea about how much normal Americans work in a week,. things can get expensive in the more desirable locations…but there are nicer places that are still afordable

Yes it’s easy to become homeless here in the States.
Housing is expensive if you want to live in a decent low crime area.

None :slight_smile:

What if we rounded up all the homeless sz/sza and put them into a city. What would the culture be like there? I would wager there would be a spiritual / religious movement going on there that would spread to the other places around the area and through the globe via internet and travel.

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The standard for full time work is 8 hour shifts with 1 hour unpaid for lunch for 5 days a week amounting to 40 hours a week. Some may work much more then that for reasons of money. Not greed. But necessities to survive and feel good about one’s work. The greedy one’s actually don’t work all that much.

Rounding up all the homeless sz/sza and putting them into a city would be a difficult task. Who knows what kind of movement going on there would spread or not. There are too many “if’s”.

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Right but just hypothetically speaking if you could put them all into a city. And assuming they started cooperating and doing what was necessary for survival. The question I want to ponder on is the “what do they do for survival? and what comes out of that?” I would assume it’s a religious movement. Because if anyone trusts anything despite their other instincts, it’s religion. I imagine their would be a lot of this type of thing and would have something (religious-wise) unique to them because of their isolation and location. Many religions come out of what the land of origin it’s was like and how the indigenous people there understood it. And I think people outside of the city (sz paradise) would trust these things because they would see things that reflected them.

It is not easy to get a housing voucher. In Hawaii you’d have to be homeless for many years before getting off the wait list. However group homes are easy to move into.

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@anon1571434 Can schizophrenics really co-operate and do the necessary things for survival? Majority require medication taken voluntarily or forcibly. I’d say there are too many unknown factors to really determine what will happen. Whether there be a religious movement or not no one really would know.

Good point. I didn’t really think that far ahead. I just thought of it off the top of my head and didn’t really go into details because there would be a lot of speculation required. However I think it would make a good fiction story.


I know…I used to work 50 hours a week just to pull in 30k got burnt out and lost my mind in the process…got fired and blew threw my savings…got me absolutely nowhere except sz

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Same. You have to work impossibly hard just to get nowhere. The effort does not equal the pay off.

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I had to re-evaluate things and decide to work lower stress, lower paying career for the sake of my mental health.

yeah its total bs…I worked my ass off…dropped 30 lbs…stuck with this company through high turnover…too demanding for the pay…and they still fired me because I was only 90% of what they wanted…which was about 150% of what they were asking when I originally hired in.

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