Is it early onset dementia or just my schizophrenia?

I’ve been having serious memory problems recently. Is it just the sz or is it early onset dementia? I’m in a panic right now. I’ve also been using kratom for around 4 years now. I read chronic kratom use can cause memory problems. Im so scared…

Leave out the kratom (if you can) and see if it gets better. How much where you eating? Oh and talk to a doctor, might be a combination of things


I was taking a lot for a good while. Now I’m tapering. Taking about 12 grams a day now.

Seems like a steep dose. It might be time for rehab but it’s not such a common drug so I don’t know how they’re going to taper you down, it really hits a bunch of receptors the different alkaloids in the plant work on serotonin, opioid and adrenergic receptors. Have a call with a clinic and see if they can help you. Doing this by yourself is hard af