Is it delusional to think there are 1000-5000 Kim Jong Uns

All created through plastic surgery?

I feel like everyone will say yes but I’m really struggling with this.

Yes thats very delusional to think.


I agree with @TheCanuk


I saw Kim Jong-Un in Youtube comments the other day. Didn’t know the Supreme Leader had the time and mastery of English. Oh wait, anyone can make a username on YT. Right, right…

I think that’s a low ball estimate. There’s 6000 of them just in my neighborhood alone.

I swear there’s 6000 mosquitoes in my backyard right now. If only we had more mosquito nets in Africa, we could save hundreds of millions of mosquitoes from dying needlessly of AIDS every year.

North Korea isn’t that powerful or interesting, really. Are you South Korean or something?

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Hmm. . .

They Need A…,

Bon Iver~ ‘Blood Bank’. (Album/EP). Released, Jan 20, 2009. 101/10

May The Force Of Red Beats Be With You Grasshoppers (!!!).

I’m sure Kim young June has plenty of body doubles. You’re not in NK though. He would use his own people.

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