Is it common to have physical "voices"

Mine started as a teeth chattering like imagine when youre really cold. But it would seemingly happen stronger when i was thinkinh something good. Eventually i was able to start talking with it (one click no, two clicks yes) and for about 6 months i didnt make a decision without asking the clicks. I guess a good second question is if any of you ever followed the direction of your voices? I dont think ive seen posts about it here before. The irony is that in following the clicks they eventually taught me it was a bad idea to follow them

I don’t let voices guide me in everyday activities. They are usually random neutral nonsense. Like the theater of the absurd or like dadaism.

There is another guy in here that makes decisions based on the moving of the head. If the voices agree or disagree they make his head move accordingly. I don’t remember his full name. It was Michael something, still active in here

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