Is it better to kill the bug or learn to work with it!

Dunno why the heading ended up like that but,

Do you feel stronger stopping something and dying from withdrawls or learning to manage it.

Like : Instead of stopping drinking cause it makes us do stupid ■■■■, learn to deal with it and have one and stop there? Is that a bigger achievement ?

Which is stronger?

PS… I just used the alcohol as an example pleaaaaash dont decide you have control and try to have one when you know you cant.

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It all depends on the vice, really.

Nicotine and caffeine are my vices, but I’m in control of them.

But I would never tell anyone to go out and buy some crack, or smoke meth.

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That’s how I tend to feel about doctors. Should I learn to deal with them or avoid them, relying on my own?

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The complete abstinence method only works for a certain section of people. The reality is that complete sobriety doesn’t work for everyone.

I once read a long article about the shortcomings of the 12 step theory, and it affirms that the notion of complete abstinence sets people up for a failure for the majority can’t do it.

I drink 14 units a week. No more, no less and can live and control my drinking. I once spent a year of abstinence, but complete abstinence for me is like living as a celibate which to me is like denying existence. It is simply not reasonable to do it IMO.

Control and moderation should be the goal IMO but others will beg to differ.


If the 12 th step didnt exist would the others?

It depends how badly you are addicted. If you can get it, and keep it under control, there’s no reason not to enjoy. But if it makes the decisions for you, you might have to go cold turkey

For example, I smoke a bit of weed, but it’s not out of control.

On the other hand, cigarettes can own my ass. I really should quit, but I have to gather The Willpower first. If n when I quit, I know I can’t have a single one, or I will wind up right where I started


What are the others?

For example, would Buddhism exist without Christianity? Yes.

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Thats deep man.

I just imagined the 12th was the finale rule right, help from your peer soldier ! Dunno.

I shouldnt have used the drinking example due to the poor humans who have suffered from drinking issues. I just couldnt think of anything else.

Do you reckon those tibetan monks are really at peace with themselves or they just want to believe they are ? I wonder about this the alot. PEACE. What is that? I call bullshiit on it all.

I think they end up believing they are and ultimately get there from it. Or someones killing it from a bitcoin deal. Someones probably laying down the contract from above.

I feel for these poor people who claim they got a MI on the internet for attention, pass the point of no return, and then no one believes them when they have made themselves clinically ill. Everyone gives them shiit. When you passed that point its ingrained in your bean. Im so tired of thinking

Oneday i shall cut out half my brain and not think, just smile and stare into space. Bliss !

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You really would get a lot out of meditation. Just don’t do it after drinking. :slight_smile:

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