Is it better to express one's experiences or keep them to oneself?

After recently having to ask for a thread to be closed I am veering towards the latter.

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Do or don’t life goes on.

We all sick


I think it is better to express otherwise this forum would be dead. :slight_smile:


It’s just hard to get past being invalidated and your experiences dismissed when you do. That’s a whole heap different from help and support to cope with a very real experience better. It’s the kind of negativity that makes me want to retreat deep into my hole and not come out.

I think it’s important not to be to sensitive when a good answer was replied to your previous post that got closed down. Believe it or not I actually flagged one of your replies.

So basically you’re admitting to trolling as there was nothing wrong with the replies I made. Way to go to make someone feel unsafe on a forum.

Nope your posts was made at people on this forum.

Good that thread for closed was a ticking timebomb

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@anon20318121 Please stop trolling. It’s not within the realms of support championed by these forums.

Whatever floats your boat buddy :grin:

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I’m trying to think of something constructive to say here…

I think every experience deserves to be heard. It is up to you which to disclose and anticipate the rx you will receive.

Look man it’s important to let your experiences be expressed. But also you have to understand that not everyone is going to understand.

Because on your thread that got closed you mentioned one specific event that upset you. And that one event is the only thing people knew about your experience with that person. So a lot of people are not instantly going to go for “that doctor is a horrible person”

Now you’re not obligated to go into more detail than you want to. But unfortunately without details people have a tendency to brush you off. I’ve had the same thing happen to me.

But you were being a bit reactive, and I know that’s rich coming from me, but you were getting pretty riled. Just try to keep a level head and if you feel yourself getting to rattled try to take a small break before you reply.


If stating context and trying to clear up misconceptions is being reactive and getting riled then I stand guilty. However I don’t think most intelligent people will see it that way.
What should have been a supportive thread turned out to be anything but from certain quarters.

As I said there is a wealth of difference between acknowledging an experience while helping someone to cope better with it , and summarily dismissing that experience and the feelings of the person involved in that experience. The first is constructive and supportive. The second is not.

I think that is something that has to be decided on an individual, case by case basis. This forum is a much safer place to vent your problems, but there are still hazards. You don’t want to trigger others.

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You are literally calling people unintelligent. That’s what I mean by reactive. Not all of your responses were like that but you did have some mean responses.

They weren’t being dismissive they just didn’t understand. I’m sorry you feel unable to express yourself but I assure you nobody was purposefully trying to talk down to you.


There were no mean responses from me . Stop trolling.

I’m just trying to help. I’m not trolling. To me I thought your tone/feedback came across sharp. It’s the internet so tone doesn’t always come across the way you intend it.

Again I’m sorry about your experiences. I’m sorry you didn’t get the support you were hoping for.

Also probably can’t reply after this

There was nothing sharp at all unless you think providing context is being sharp.

There was one response that got deleted and some people found it offensive; what does ‘trolling’ have to do with this? :confused:

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I never read the thread so I do not know what you’re referring to. However I can try and answer your question

‘is it better to express ones experiences or keep them to oneself’ I have a hard time with this one too. I think it’s a balance. I always want to share my experience with others to help them, or at least make them feel not alone.

However sometimes it can come across as self centred and a little rude. Sometimes people just want to vent I guess. I’m terrible with social cues though so I can never tell whether or not to share my experiences.

Usually I just end up oversharing. At least online I worry that I post too much and talk about myself.

But it’s only because I want to share my experience with the person and so they know they aren’t the only one. Sometimes it’s nice hearing things from a different perspective, that’s at least what I think.