Is it better to be passionless?

I mean why get upset if you’re a nihilist? I have not been wronged in awhile.


Nihilist is a cool word!!

Life is boring without passions.


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I know if I truly found life meaningless I’d commit suicide.

I think you’d find joy in the little things. I don’t see a particular meaning in things beyond our own construction, but I still see beauty in everything. Many people have their own meaning and their meaning conflicts with someone else’s meaning. It’s a game of ego and will and it is just as delusional as the stuff I see here. The closest thing I’ve found to a meaning comes from the recognition of yourself as life. When you see yourself as an expression of life, your instinct is to care for life and protect it because it is you. That perspective can give your life purpose, but we make our meanings up and they are ultimately your mental construction. If people didn’t have their meanings the world wouldn’t function, though, so it helps drive us forward. I guess if you’re going to pick a meaning, make it one that benefits everybody else. If everybody starts to do that everybody wins.


i agree. no attatchments. the less you care it is better for the mind. helps keep it quiet.

Etymology — From Latin īnsānus (“unsound in mind; mad, insane ”), from in- + sānus (“sound, sane”).

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Like @crazydiamond444, I find purpose in the little things of life. I love watching nature - what each individual animal does in their home environment. Life is so fleeting, rare and beautiful (with the exception of parasites of course). While there may not be a religious reason for life to exist, you can still create your own purpose, and i think that is a better path to take. Then you can be sure to live a life that you find meaningful and enjoyable.

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Tonight I see a void in front of me. I wish I had slept more than four hours, I have an appointment in seven hours. I am experiencing emotions of emptiness but dealing with it okay. I’ve had enough of meta physical things. That supernatural sh!t made me prefer the void.


It depends on what you’re passionate about. American football is a benign passion in America. The Nazis were very passionate about their cause. If you have a passion to stop suffering in the world that is a very good passion.

Passions are violent.
I prefer peace of mind

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Yes here too, even though it feels like a great escape from everyday reality…

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