Is it because I'm really really good looking

I am not ugly or a whore is it because I’m really really good looking they are saying this? Well I hope so. My naysayers say their good looking. We will have to see about that.

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Don’t let the haters get you down


I’m handsome as ■■■■. I never get comments on my looks from anyone. Jk lol

I’d just ignore it. You’re very good looking. :slightly_smiling_face:

İ think this delusion is part of psychosis.because whenever i m delusional i feel ultimately handsome.when i m normal ( with medication)i just like myself with self confidence without this delusion some kind of warning sign for me for medicine adjustment.


I’m handsome in a Pugsley Addams sort of way.

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I look decent when I see myself dead on in the mirror reflection… I lost time though and photos of me paint a different picture to boot.

I used to be chiseled too but as I eventually found, is that that can easily come off as trying to hard.

The biggest shoe to drop, and I was the last to learn, is that I have big aspects of what is called dyspraxia and carry myself really awkwardly.

I never found Brad Pitt to be handsome yet women seem to think otherwise. Or maybe being famous/successful somehow makes one look much better… :thinking:

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Im mistaken for being a homeless monkey pretty often. Since im brown i get the opposite of what happens to girls walking alone, being called a monkey or a little french indian. Usually the older ones do it.

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