Is it bad to talk to them?

I feel an evil presence beside me since many years and when I feel bored and lonely I enjoy talking with this character. Should I avoid talking to “him”? Is it bad to do so? If so, why?

(I know him since a little kid. He helps through various phases of life but he tends to be evil).

I’d be careful with the evil ones. I’ve had a few in the past…I approach them by faith in god knowing god is stronger…that’s safe…but yeah, I’ll talk to them, just won’t act on any evil suggestions they might have… It’s been a long time though. My other dimensional companions are all cool…

I try to avoid talking to them as much as possible because it usually gets way too loud in my head. I do confront an “evil character” if I feel as though I need a little clarity on what they are speaking about.

You know yourself better than we do. If talking to this voice causes problems, then stop doing it. If not, that’s up to you.

Would you want to get into the habit of talking outloud to him/them and draw attention to oneself when others or a crowd is around. I wouldn’t think its necessarily bad. I communicate through telepathy. I didnt have the choice to pick or weighed the options at the time. I like to attempt to blend into crowds

I can’t stand when people talk about this telepathy like its a real thing. They all tell me it’s not, but when I read ■■■■ like this it makes me think it’s real for a second then my symptoms come back. You think you communicate telepathically like with people in real life? Can you confirm that?

I can confirm heavy synchronicity…saying same thing same time, thinking same thing, writing same thing…but this is usually with someone I am close to, connected to…though on occasion it can happen with someone randomly.
With people i am connected to it happens often, usually daily if I am in daily contact with them.
Technological telepathy is real and there’s plenty of reports on it online…of course you’d have to find the real scientific reports rather than the rants by many people about it.

I have on a few occasions projected my thoughts silently towards someone to get them to do a specific thing…okay, I’m guilty of mind control, but it was harmless, LOL…

Both were kind of funny anyways…first time I was 20 and a girl i was staying with was having a really bad argument with her boyfriend on the phone. She had her back to me and I projected the thought “hang up the phone now and come over here and I’ll give you a hug…that’s what you need right now, not this crap.”
She hung up the phone, walked over to me, stood there a moment silently then said she needed a hug…me and this girl had never hugged before.

The other time was years later I saw a girl dressed goth walk into the store while i was at the checkout…She started heading down an aisle but i projected the thought “Hey, come here, I want to see you.” Nothing sexual, it’s just you didn’t see goth people at all…she spun around, looked at me, came over and stepped on my foot she came so close. As I was leaving she ordered a pack of cigs, then i saw her go back down the aisle she had originally headed for…

I would say that was telepathy…but also synchronicity since one girl was my friend, and the other though a stranger was goth and I get along with goth people…

We’re all connected - the original wi-fi.
Synchronicity: Jinx. A part of the school of thought which asserts that events in the universe are meaningfully related …

Just had advice to possibly save one from embarrassment or unwanted attention thats all. sorry if that bothers you. i can read minds if certain conditions are met but definitely not out of thin air or how most experiments are done. i can also deposit and withdraw from the mind bank

i speak to mine, the difference is now i only hear the good ones…the bad ones always gave rubbish advice anyway…
take care