Is it bad to take lorazepam three times to four times per week per episode basically

I’m asking regarding someone else.

To me it seems a bit much but tbh, I really don’t know…

Sorry can’t help you there as I’ve never taken it, maybe contact their pdoc if you’re concerned

Also there’s a family/friends forum

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Yea they will probably ask their pdoc next week… I’m just curious now. Thought it was addictive. At that amount, but maybe not.

i used to take lorazepam daily but they got me off it in last psych ward i as in.

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Was it difficult to come off? How long were withdrawals if you had them?

yea it was not easy… they tapered it and now i only take it when things get really bad and i need some help.

i don’t remember much anymore how long the withdrawals were but it was ok i think as long as you taper it and use less and less every day.

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Thanks LekkerHondje, it is great that you don’t need it every day anymore.

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At that rate, taken for long enough there is a good chance you will become dependent on them.

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