Is it bad that i miss the good voices?

My voices seemed to have disappeared and i am left with crippling loneliness. I feel so down and i dont have the positive voices to help me. My mind is silent. I also had negative ones but the positive ones are what made me smile and gave me comfort. I feel as if i have nothing now. My voices were saying they were in love with me ect. I realise it wasnt real but i feel so down. I dont want them back at all but i wish this sadness will go away .i feel worthless.

I would recommend trying a some positive affirmations. Your posts are very negative from what I’ve seen. Not judging you, just pointing this out. You are likely amplifying your misery by this negativity. maybe try to be a bit more positive and “fake it, till you make it”. Maybe also tell yourself something good about you once in awhile, the positive affirmations that I mentioned above.

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Yeah but then the sadness just comes back i dont know what it is anymore.

There are no good voices. Losing voices means achieving a measure of recovery, and that’s an awesome success. Now, just keep building on it.



well i can say there were some funny ones. like the butler who was a ghost and brought me food on a tray every night while the house was full of cobwebs. the girls from the fifties who were stopping by after driving around smoking pot. the park ranger from the future who was trying to explain that the air wasnt good enough to breath.

This is a common issue. Currently I go through this myself. This is actually fascinating that patients grow attached to their illness, again, myself included.

What helps me keep myself in good mood despite missing the “adventures” I had, is also realizing how much schizophrenia took away from me. It is just not worth the trouble. Be glad that you are free and no longer locked inside your head.

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