Is it always best to be honest with your medical team

Is it always best to be honest with your medical team?

Should I wait 18 months before tapering off? Like they recommend or carry on with my reduction now?

I think it is always best to be honest.

There must be a good reason they have for waiting 18 months. Why rush?

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Yeah I think you’re right, I’ll go back up to 5mg for a while now.

May as well wait a little longer.

Just wanted to feel alive again which I have!


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They can’t treat what they don’t know about. And sometimes the treatment they want to use could be dangerous depending on undisclosed health conditions.


No they can’t stop me, but I also want to follow the most sensible course of action.

I am willing to take the risk of coming off again but I want to do it in a way that will give me the best chance for success.

I will go back up to 5mg and follow the advice from the medical team.

I definitely have felt more emotional on the slightly lower dose, so that shows me that it’s the medication rather then illness making me flat.

Also I know I ask the same questions over and over, but sometimes I suspect you’re a bit of a troll. And that you’re not really off of aps or never were on them? Unless you are just lucky to be within the 2 percent that are successful

I ignore my medical team sometimes - usually to do with the dosages of my Quetiapine, i often up em, without telling them. But its my way of dealing with my head. And im not about to wait 2 days for a reply when i can just do an extra 50mg, and save them the paperwork.

I would always consult with them if i were to reduce tho (never gonna happen).

Why would I be on this forum for so long if I were never on ap,trolls don’t have that kind of patience

I am not lucky,I relapsed twice before and no guarantee I won’t relapse again

Yeah my apologies… it’s just that sometimes you give deliberately bad advice, or so it seems. But you have taken the risk of coming off 3 times yourself so I appreciate where your coming from.

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