Is it actually Monday?

This quarantine has my mind confused since everyday is pretty much the same.

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I can’t remember time without my cellphone.
Use that and it will tell you we’re Monday today.

I don’t have a cellphone but I do have a calendar and I mark off each day as it passes.

I also always forget to take my meds.
I setup a daily alarm in my 2 cellphones so I never forget my meds. You should get a cellphone, its what I use to browse this forum, its very helpful.

If you don’t forget to check your calendar that’s good.

I can’t afford a cellphone.

Last time I counted it was.

Last week same day was eastermonday.

woohoo its monday. back to work normies. listening to talk radio right now, that how i know its a weekday.

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The normies lost their jobs

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o yeah i forgot about that.

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They are not used to doing nothing. I think a lot are angry,getting depressed till they reach acceptance.

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