Is it a schizo thing?


To do random things?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Idk

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I think so. One may be excited in repetitive movements without goal or purpose


I do things and sometimes those things seem random.


I think i read in @firemonkey s link somewhere, sz seem to say random things. I dont remember well that link


Before someone experiences their first psychotic episode, there can be subtle changes in the way they think. For instance, they might switch topics abruptly when talking, or answer questions with seemingly irrelevant answers.


I think they knew I was schizo in school when I made a speech while psychotic. Even tho it was pretty good I was pretty randomly talking


I almost gave a speech to my speech class while fully psychotic. It would have been “enlightening.” Luckily I thought the professor was out to get me and dropped the class first.


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