Is it a lie?

Anyone wonder if they don’t want you to break from reality because its the truth?

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Who are “they”? “They” get all the blame for everything!

I don’t think anyone knows the truth, one can only claim to know it, or choosing to believe in something, but no one really knows it.

There’s no reason be affraid of reality, but most people’s heads hurt thinking on what is colour for example. They can’t comprehend more than the average, “is the way your eyes see light in a different spectrum”, of course there’s more to it, but nobody knows, and that explanation is enough for most people.

Nobody is hiding reality from you, that’s just not possible. Nobody has access to your consciousness.

And I also think breaking from reality is a negative thing, you lose touch with yourself. Reality, for you, consists on you and the world around you, nobody can interfere with that or change that, only yourself.

So my advice is choose wisely on what you believe.


Reality is something that is commonly perceived, IMHO.

They got millions $$$ to make that movie, ya know.

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There is actual reality as in what is. & there is consensus agreed upon ‘reality’.

No one has answered the question of which ultimate is true - or what versions of reality are most true.

That said - one way to some form of sanity, regardless of the truth of it all, is to generally be in line with the consensus opinion/‘reality’ - even if it is insane, which i think largely it is.

“There was once a wise king who ruled over a vast city. He was feared for his might and loved for his wisdom. Now in the heart of the city, there was a well whose waters were pure and crystalline from which the king and all the inhabitants drank. When all were asleep, an enemy entered the city and poured seven drops of a strange liquid into the well. And he said that henceforth all who drink this water shall become mad.

All the people drank of the water, but not the king. And the people began to say, “The king is mad and has lost his reason. Look how strangely he behaves. We cannot be ruled by a madman, so he must be dethroned.”

The king grew very fearful, for his subjects were preparing to rise against him. So one evening, he ordered a golden goblet to be filled from the well, and he drank deeply. The next day, there was great rejoicing among the people, for their beloved king had finally regained his reason."


“A time will come when the whole world will go mad. And to anyone who is not mad they will say: ‘You are mad, for you are not like us.’” - St. Anthony the Great (attributed to)

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Depends , a lie personalises too much and over attributes negative emotions. What’s true is that if you suffer psychosis , how you perceive and sense things is not 100% accurate , inaccurate, I would say as opposed to manevolant , etc

Really not coping with my mind at the moment, :confused:

There is a true reality out there. I have trouble with it myself.

I mainly cope with real goals and accomplishments.

It’s a skill to swim through life whilst being out of touch with reality to an extent. You have to learn it and practice it.