Is it a delusion

To think there were a 1000 Hitler’s? Or is the truth there was only one? I’m just freaked out that they chose people, gave them plastic surgery, and turned into Hitler’s.

It does not sound based in reality to me flowers20. What would be the purpose in doing that even if it were possible? Why is one Hitler not enough?

So is it delusional?

I would say that based on the definition of a delusion, that it is, yes.
It is contrary to what is generally accepted as reality and there are no facts to support it.

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Why are you so careful in defining it? You’re so circumspect about it. Makes me think you think it is in fact possible.

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Because we are not suppose to diagnose people here. I’m trying not to overstep my bounds. And I am a moderator now, so I need to be more careful in my words.

But I will say it point blank flowers20:

I believe that this belief is delusional.


Wow you’re really a moderator now?

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