Is it a delusion if I’m aware of it?

Every time I see a police officer or an EMT I get overwhelming thoughts that they’re there to take me to the hospital to be tested on. Is this a delusion even if I’m aware of it happening? Is there anything I can do to help with this?


That kind of thing does tend to fade with time. I just stay grounded and try to not get caught up with it

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Could be. Could be you have a phobia now.

I think personally that caring too much to the point of being very stressed out about it is unproductive.

Just relax.

Plenty of people are uncomfortable around cops.

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Do you have any tips for how to stay grounded in situations such as those?

It’s more than uncomfortable, it’s full on anxiety attacks and overwhelming intrusive thoughts

If it is a feeling that won’t fade away with logic from outside or logic inside then it is a delusion, atleast in my case it is. There is this constant feeling that I know its a delusion but it’s drowned out with the conviction of the delusion… If that makes any sense…


I have the same type of thoughts.

It could be a “half delusion”.
You know what the delusion is, but you are not convinced.

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I actually asked my pdoc about this specifically just a few weeks ago because I was wondering the same thing. Basically he said that yes, it’s still a delusion, but delusions aren’t just on or off. It can be gone completely, you can live in it entirely, or anywhere in between, including having the thoughts and knowing they’re delusional. But knowing it’s a delusion sure doesn’t make it feel any less real.


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