Is it a bad symptom the impossibility to think?

Dont try to convince me that i am not dumb or even numb…I really cant analyze some information or think on it… often it feels like i hear the information around me, but it just doesnt go to my mind… Yeah, i guess for the docs its some kind of atrophy. Its not with all the information around me like this, but for some i really dont get it, its almost like i dont even hear it sometimes despite that i am a listener the most of the time… what kind of symptom is this please? Depressive, negative? I am afraid its hard to recover on this, whats your opinion?
My new lithium lifted my energy today, my physical symptoms were better, but by moments it made me even more dumb since couple of days, i am worried. Its not nice to have an energy without the reason of the mind behind if you see…
Share your experience please :grinning:

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I have trouble with processing information reading, listening, and watching.

I dunno if its like my experience. I “sorta” think…but I’m not myself? I’m actually in a dream state constantly if you know what I mean. If you ever had a dream, you know that you kinda made the decisions in the dream but you didn’t… but your not aware also of your surroundings? your just focused on whats happening in the present and slowly you understand whats going on depending what the situation is. its mainly the lack of thought for me…but those are the other parts of it.

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I see, purpose, I am sorry for this :frowning: .
But do you think its a tough symptom to heal? I almost dont even hear some of the information around me lol… I guess I closed myself so much that I am to this point now :confused: . The information around me became overloading. Someone else who doesn’t even hear what are the others saying too? You cant think or analyze the info after all this I find :confused: .

@anna1 are you bipolar or schizoaffective because I feel the exact same since early this year. Hence I have quit so many jobs. I am fine the first few hours of the day then I start to lose my concentration and focus and I just can’t think… people simply don’t understand… an easy task for me becomes like trying to climb a mountain and falling… badly… It’s not that I cannot think but i am unable to understand the instructions given to me… someone who tries to explain something to me it will be a struggle to understand… ught…

My last doc said that probably I have schizoaffective but its so hard here that I still think that It could be paranoid sz… In fact, I find that I have good concentration but I just cant think. Maybe its some kind of poverty of thought idk. The doc said that it could be a depressive sign, but I still suspect the schizophrenia element in it. Sometimes, I dont hear what other say just by simple fear, but sometimes I literally have blank spaces in my mind… I didn’t train my brain for years so this is the result. I have those anxious intrusive and obsessive thoughts now who are obstacle to think. I also focus so much on my brain in my head that it drives me crazy, I feel pain in my head, ish :frowning: .Do you feel sadness? it can be a depressive thing in your case, you know…

Yeah I experienced poverty of thought when I was first diagnosed and on risperdal. It really wasn’t the med for me and I improved after moving on. I think it’s a negative symptom area. It’s things you should be having but your not. I think I lived it…I used to get in conversations at work and I knew I had to say something. I did a lot of language stuff at uni…but I just couldnt’ say ■■■■…my brain was literaly a blank.

As I say it improved over time and some med tinkering. I always look for best function and have been a bit too eager sometime to change things in the meds…sometimes it’s worked and sometimes it’s failed…

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