Is is true?

Is it true abilify may mimic or actually does mimic the affects of adderall or ritty?

Ive been on it before and felt like i was on crack even though ive never touched it,

what are the effects of adderall and ritty (what is ritty?)? I have just started abilify.

I was on Abilify for years, felt it really helped in conjunction with Lexapro. I guess it might have a subtle effect like that at first maybe.

Adderall is an amphetamine used to treat ADD, ritty is Ritalin which is basically the same thing as far as I know. Coming from a former Adderall junky, the other substance mentioned has a much more mellow effect in both my experience and those of others I’ve known. The crackheads I knew only bugged out when the crack ran out. Don’t do it it’ll rot your teeth.

thanks @mussel does that mean that if abilify is like adderall and ritalin it will speed me up? I noticed I don’t have much interest in food since starting abilify but it has only been three days so I think it is still far too early to tell.

I think I remember the feeling you’re talking about but I think it goes away with time as you’re body gets used to it. I don’t know what else I was put on in addition to it but I gained so much weight during that time that I couldn’t see my own feet lol.

G-d dammit. :unamused: