Is Invega Sustenna a high-potency antipsychotic?

Is Invega Sustenna a high-potency antipsychotic? Can if so what makes it so?

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I don’t know but it sure does suck balls.

I nearly died on it


I did well on it. Discuss it with your doctor. Remember that each patient will respond to different meds in their own way. What works well for some will not be the best choice for others.

Some meds are used to pull people out of deep psychosis. Invega would be one like that. Others are meant for people who are already stable.

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In pharmacological terms a potent antipsychotic is one that only requires a few milligrams of it to work. It doesn’t mean to works better so much as means it’s concentrated.

Invega is a high potency med whereas as seroquel which needs hundreds of milligrams of meds a day to work is a lower potency med.

Speaking very generally higher potency meds tend to cause more movement problems and lower potency meds more sedation (but this can vary wildly depending upon the individual).