Is insight the key to good mental health?

Some people may just have worse chemistry. What about insight? Is that the same as intellect? And imagination? I only know what I’ve read. I guess that’s not a good way to have thoughts.

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Insight into what one can do to improve one’s wellbeing is key for my mental health

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haveing all the answers to the test dosen’t mean you well pass. insight is a gift and a curs

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I thought insight was a gift and cleverness was the curse?

Beat me to it. I am currently in the curse stage (Again)

I have insight into the fact that I’m not happy with my limited stress resiliency.

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They say schizophrenics that have a higher level of insight into their illness tend to have a lower quality of life. (since they are more aware of their limitations).

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Let me put a positive spin on this though. Insight at least gives you the knowledge on what you need to improve on for the possibility of a better quality of life.


Insight isn’t intelligence, but awareness. Having more intelligence aids in maintaining your awareness.

I find that the problems which accompany insight are preferable to those I have without it.

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