Is imperfection beauty?

Often times with girls I find imperfection to be beauty but with myself it’s hard to look past my imperfections…how do I stop being insecure…I don’t think I ever will but I’ve learned to live with it more. But when I look in the mirror sometimes it upsets me

I think I take pride in my non perfections but they also drive me to madness🍀. No pleasing me that’s why I can live with them

I have a bit of an overbite. I grew up thinking this would prevent anyone from finding me attractive. I was pretty surprised to discover the truth was quite the opposite, with nearly everyone telling me that not only was it not unattractive, it was actually hot. Isabella Rossellini had a famous chipped tooth. Those kinds of things are what make us human and distinct, I think.


Wabi sabi my friend actually told me about once I think it’s good

what is more beautiful; :blush:

  1. a daisy with all the petals ?
  2. a daisy with only one petal ?

both are beautiful…imperfection is perfection :rainbow:

take care :alien:

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If you look at what has been considered as aesthetical norm in art and fashion industry during the centuries, you will see how the concept of ‘beauty’ is constantly changing.

Which says that the idea of ‘perfection’ is defined only by the perspective we look at it.

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