Is ignoring our symptoms can decrease them?

I wonder this since some days now… I was complaining a lot on the past, even my doc was pissed off, but I somatize a lot in my illness. I try now to just ignore my symptoms,but I wonder if this will help to see them reduce. How it was in your experience? Tbh, I don’t have a clue what can help my painful symptoms anymore, maybe ignoring them could be a good method, idk…


Distractions help. Ignoring your symptoms and focusing on other things may be beneficial.


good to know, cause my head will explode even by my will now to distract :crazy_face:


When i ignore my symptoms i get a badgut feeling physically. And if i ignore that my symptoms get easyer.

So it works in your case, kerli, is that right? Me, I try to ignore all this but I am not sure if living my sz as abstract is good either…

A lot of.normies deal with their problems as also abstract. I work a full time demanding job and everyday I wake up and try to package away and forget my paranoia and other stuff… it leaks thru sometimes but I don’t think normies fully notice it unless I tell them about complex conspiracy theories I am thinking. The more I ignore it the more I stabilize


Yes it can, I ignore my symptoms and push myself until I feel bad. Videogames, movies and this forum are great because they ‘suck’ your attention.


But in the same time, why do I take meds if I can recover from an ‘‘abstract’’ illness? Tbh, my meds are not big help that’s for sure. and I tried a lot of them… Its up to replace my thoughts in a good place or what? :frowning: … I feel my brain in my head by the pressure of fighting… dumb…

I dislike “ignore it” as advice in general, but sometimes if you can’t do anything about it, you just have to soldier on.

There have been studies on pain where focusing on something else really helps. That’s a kind of ignoring it.


I am proud of you, @Anna1 for wanting to try and ignore your symptoms as a strategy. This is the beginning of getting better.


yeap @twinklestars, I was too focused on my symptoms than other do it and there wasn’t a med till now which helped me, so I am a bit stuck here. I don’t know what to do. Plus, my illness is also some kind of very introverted thing, so this could be some solution. But I still have my doubts. My head was close to exploding today while trying to ‘‘ignore’’ everything bad… I wonder if some of you here lived so much in their heads… I feel it physically, I somatize like hell…I guess the isolation just made all this harder.

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yeah, nobody didn’t make my mistake. To isolate for 17 years. To be desperate for so many time… Idk anybody else like this. Its not strange that I am the most lost person here… you struggle so hard after breaks who lasted for less than a year… I struggle after a chronic illness which lasts since I am kid… none of my friends didn’t alert my parents in the past. The psychiatry cant help me a lot anymore. And here me now, with this ■■■■■■ up personality etc etc… Sometimes I just don’t know to what I can hold to continue struggling. My brain just doesn’t work, its full of garbage and chaos… I have some very bad strange things because of the illness like my blurred vision(and the cause its not the meds), it happens firstly in my brain… I sometimes have a stiffed nose and insensibility. sometimes - too much sensibility… whatever, I still want to live. But I even forgot to talk for the last years, that’s all. Its just been too long that I was at the bottom…

so can ignoring our symptoms can help us? I didn’t find anything better till now tbh… But if it was just that easy, why do we need meds then? Did ignoring help you in the past? I am very tired to think about the illness, yeap :crazy_face:

Do u mean ignoring the positive symptoms? Like voices

I don’t have voices, dear… I mean mostly my emotional pain, the bad thinking also and the negatives like the depression…

OK… Yes focusing on other things helps… I hope u get better one day and me too :slight_smile:

Its a question about the voices too otherwise… Cause my thoughts are so loud, that I guess its so hard as having voices… I try now to ignore my symptoms, but I am not sure this will help. I need efforts I guess, but if this illness was just helped by efforts, it would be known no? But in the same time, I am tired of docs and meds yeah.

I don’t think you can ignore your symptoms away.
You can learn to distract yourself from them, and to focus less on them.
But if you flat out ignore or deny them, you’ll make it worse for yourself because they might come back even stronger later.

That’s my opinion anyways.

Thank you sweetheart :kissing_heart:
But I was quite focused on my symptoms. I talked only about the illness for 10 years in front of my mom, its a problem here for me :confused: … I know you can become dumber if you deny the reality or the symptoms, but maybe distract myself more will be better for my quality of life. I watched all the movies out there on the illness, I was obsessed with the madness in a way too, my friends are fed up.

I think there has to be found a healthy middle ground between focusing only on symptoms, and never thinking about them.

But yes, maybe some distraction would be good.