Is headache a sign of relapse

Please i am having a slight headache now,and i didn’t really have a stressful day, please can the headache be a sign of relapse in schizophrenia

I don’t think so.

Sometimes people just get headaches.

Are you having them often or having other symptoms too?

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I had it a day before yesterday and now todau, its slight but am worried cos i haven’t had my medication in a while

Well then, that’s the problem.

You’re probably suffering withdrawal and could relapse.

Why did you stop taking your medication?


Just started a new job and i didn’t want to state there that i have mental issues, its not yet time for medical leave and the dates for my appointment falls mostly on tuesday

I don’t understand,

You don’t want to miss work for your appointments,

Is that right?

Yeah exactly and its too early to ask for a leave

But you’re not going to be able to work at all if you relapse.

You need that medication.

Can you call your doctor and ask for refills?

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I did that last week i was told any time i come arround on Tuesday they would work something out for me, i would squeeze time to go next week

In that case,

You need to try to make it in to the doctor next week.

Going without medication is not an option,

Especially if you want to keep your job.

Thank you sir 151515

I’m a woman,

But you’re welcome.


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