Is haloperidol banned almost worldwide?

Im on haloperidol and heard aome guys talking at a hospital that this medication is banned in most countries. Is this true?

Never heard of that. Many users here are on it.

I don’t know. I wouldn’t believe what most people say even here.

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There was a shortage last year, but I think it got resolved. Maybe this is what they are referencing.


I don’t think so

referring to the ban, not ninjastars comment

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I don’t think that’s correct, haloperidol is used quite a bit in most country.

Never heard that. Lots of people on haldol at the hospital i work at.

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I hope not. I take250 mg every month

That’s about right haldol is a staple go to.

I didn’t hate it just did nothing.

It was never banned. There have been production shortages some places.
Some doctors try to encourage newer medicines for patients.

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It is the worst tolerated drug according to a lancet study [1] [2]


One of the most efficient drugs out there. My pdoc says that they try to stop its production, and instead pdocs will prescribe more expensive aps

As far as im still aware - its still widely used in the uk. But most people now are on the newer drugs, unless it doesnt work for them.

The day Lundbeck stoppes the production of Clopixol I’m heading for a disaster.

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