Is haldol a dangerous drug?

i dont have auditory hallucinations. mostly body hallucinations… and i think only about illness right now. i have negative symptoms as well(irritability,depression etc).

its quite good perhaps it helps people but overall haldol gives no important sideeffects so you can try it and see how much it helps you, some patient told me once that haldol is an ‘ancient drug’ and therefore might not be useful in these modern times.

yes,its an old typical but my doc says it was a real progres in the psychiatrie. ill see. i talk to a schizo on one forum,he is saying that he will suicide himself that night and i even cant compassionate. i am just telling him not to do it…

I take Haldol - a lot. 30 mg/day. It takes me a little more than the average person to respond to medical intervention. As another person said, it’s the go-to med for a floridly psychotic patient. It also attenuates agitation. Both of which are the reason I’m on it. It is rather old, no denying that. It can have some challenging and distressing side effects, usually in the beginning of therapy, but they generally go away. They make “side effect medicine.” It’s worth giving a try, especially if the “newer” meds fail. It’s not seating, so that’s good. If you’re way out of control, generally the first dose will usually bring you back to earth within a few hours(!). Good stuff. I’m probably the only person on here who thinks so. :wink:

yeah i heard most suicidal thoughts go away once a good ‘new’ modern atypical antipsychotic is given patients tend to forget about their suicide and focus on new things. invega sustenna is among them.

yes,the newer meds failed for me. ive tried them all. i am not sure what tot hink right now because in the same time i am stopping leponex(clozapine) from which i had even more anxiety which was not typical for this ap. but ive got them :frowning: maybe haldol will help me with my depression. i have problems with my mom-sometimes i wanna kill her,some other times i am in a kind of infantile regression and i am sad that she has an ‘‘ill’’ child…nothing good…

i have also one thing- i often dont get the information around me. it even doesnt interests me, its difficult to live like that…

What age did it all start

i started to feel sad irritable and alone on my 12 years. my father was aggressif and probably sick also… in my 15 years i didnt get all of the information already. but i was first in my class in the school…

there is another Anna on this forum are you somehow related to her? or are you unique?

nope,i am unique :slight_smile:

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Same here. Sometimes it is okay for a person with SZ to just seek a therapist and do social sessions as a form of alternative treatment. That is essentially what I am left with. AP’s didn’t/don’t work for me. I still hallucinate a lot (if not more) and have really bad side effects.

youve stopped your aps?

ýoure not responding to me for some reason…? what is the issue?

what was the question danddolo? i am another anna :slight_smile:

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dont worry about it. i was just wondering… another person was responding to me without responding to my nickname… it just seemed weird.

Not just yet. I take/took IM injections. I took a recent shot of Abilify and will be talking with my current psychiatrist about transitioning off of them. I’m assuming he’s going to switch me back to pill form and lower the dosage until I am completely tapered off of them…

Either way I am d/c’ing them. They have too many sides.