Is Grumpy Old Men a stereotype?

Do you think men get grumpy as they grow older? Or is it just a myth?

That’s a great question ! I think I’m getting more grumpy so maybe it’s true for me !

I think when people get older, they become more and more done with everyone’s shite.
Some people get more docile and patient, while others just get grumpy.
But I think it goes for both men and women.

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As an R.N., I met many “grumpy old men” and these were mostly likeable characters. It was even “cute”. But, grumpy old women were another story. People expect older women to be very nice.


I think some men get grumpier as they get older. I think what happens most is that people in general tend to get set in their ways and they don’t want change. And when there’s a threat or reality of change, they get grumpy and fight it.


I don’t know. 151515

In a way I have some anger, but at the same time Sz has made me more compassionate too.

I guess I’m complicated and that doesn’t work out for me. Wish I was more streamlined like my father.

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I’m older and don’t think I’m grumpy,

This may be a bit true, but my argument is that were older and know what we like and don’t like, it gets a bit much when others are trying to convince you that you like things, that you have tried and don’t like.


I would call that being set in your ways. I guess it’s a matter of semantics.

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My father isn’t grumpy really.
Could be a false stereotype.

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