Is going to the hospital a good. idea

Have to go to hospital because of anxiety attacks but fanily believes this is a bad idea

What do you want them to do at the hospital?

Give me some relief
my family says its expensive and not worth it

How do you think they will give you relief? I’m asking because in my experience, hospitals don’t do this well, but possibly you need something I’m not thinking of.

What r your experiences with hospitals?

Bad idea hospital are normally full of drunk people and there are normally lots of people there you will wait a very long time to be seen and they might not be able to help you

I went to an urgent care clinic because I was having chest pains that I thought were anxiety. They did an ECG and told me that my results were irregular and told me I needed to go to the hospital and that I could not drive myself.

I went to the hospital and stayed there for over eight hours while they ran tests on me and ultimately released me after ordering a stress test. The stress test was over two days where they injected me with chemicals to make my heart race.

In the end the cardiologist who reviewed my results said that there was nothing wrong with any of my tests, including the one that they told me required hospitalization. It cost thousands of dollars and caused me far more anxiety than I was experiencing before I went in.

Sorry u had that experience.

It’s okay. They really just aren’t the right place to go for anxiety. They aren’t equipped to make you feel better like that. I thought I was being smart by ruling out any doubts I had that I was actually having heart problems, and instead just ended up poorer and more miserable.

The best place to go is a psychiatrist but I know it can be a long wait to see one.

I’m not sure if urgent care centers / offices will treat anxiety - I think they might see it as a non-urgent issue.

Anyone have any other experiences with them - other than Rhubot.

I think Rhubot’s experience might be the normal response.

Hospitals also - are more “Emergency” type needs - so may not give you any relief.

HOw about your regular treatment team or psychiatrist for an urgent meeting?

Yeah if your anxiety is bad enough there’s nothing wrong with going to a hospital. They can help make sure you take the right medication regularly, and monitor for other issues or high stress. You can take yourself directly to an ER and tell them about your history and need for psychiatric care inpatient. Don’t give up.

I’ve had similar experiences. I often feel embarrassed. I was turned away when I was psychotic and hallucinating, and by the time I was able to talk to a doctor I was so anxious I decided to leave. Doctors at ER’s don’t seem to understand mental health or the need for it. I was completely out of it, but they didn’t seem to care. Being inpatient can be stressful, you’re in an unfamiliar place sharing it with people who are often sicker than sick.

The people who need it should go though, regardless of how uncomfortable it is.

Hospitals are best when you are in a crisis situation. For anxiety, seeing a psychiatrist or psych nurse is probably a better first step. Also, I’m not sure how health care costs work where you are, but a hospitalization can be incredibly expensive if you don’t have the right health insurance and that’s something to take into consideration. If you pay directly for health care or your family does, a doctor’s visit first is also better if money is an issue.

Wishing you luck in getting this sorted. Sending good vibes from Canada.


I absolutely agree that if she wanted psychiatric inpatient care, she should go. But according to her other post, she is very worried about that happening if she goes - she wants emergency treatment for anxiety, not inpatient psych care.

For me, it was impossible to get a first appointment with a psychiatrist. I spent three months calling and waiting, and finally I was told to just go to the hospital. If you are admitted into a psych hospital in the US, they have to give you a psychiatrist appointment within a week of your release. The hospital itself was horrible and the nurses were awful. I think I went crazier while I was there. But I did get in to see a doctor finally.

Now that I have a doctor, I think the hospital would be useless. I did get admitted there one more time by my general physician, and all they did was observe me for twelve hours and then send me out the door with no med changes or anything.

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I was in a hospital once, it was a very, very, small rural clinic thing. By small I mean maybe eight to twelve people. We were on the top floor of a normal hospital. It was really, really boring. Nothing got done for me there. They refused to change my meds and after a few days I just got sick of it and went home.

What I would do is talk to your general practitioner and see if there is anything he/she can prescribe you while you wait. I found my current (very good) doctor through my general practitioner. Ask all the doctors you know if they know someone. All the doctors in my state seem to know each other at least by name. I live in a small deep south section of the country so that might not be like wherever you are, but a lot of them do seem to know each other from medical conventions and such.

Sometimes people don’t want to admit that their anxiety is due to an increase of psychotic symptoms which is often how I experienced it. I agree with you though also, the ER room itself was enough to make me feel worse. I’ve gone to the ER when I was having anxiety and I was just told to followup with my psychiatrist. I have trouble getting ahold of the psychiatrist and many do, but I’ve never been able to get more than a sleeping pill at the ER because they don’t want to mess with my medication.

I wonder why that is. Wasn’t it easier in the past to get hospitalized? It seems to have changed since then. People say it’s because the system is broken, but I say it’s more that it’s going through a transition. Also, mental illness is seen in the DSM as more of a somatic disorder now–and the underlying issue is often biological and genetic.

So if you want to eliminate anxiety and stress but not go through the ER etc. I would say everyone here has the same point that it’s better to see a specialist first. It’s less expensive and more helpful for anxiety.

Yesterday I had a terrible panic attack at work and hyperventilated for four hours. I also couldn’t swallow. I was too embarrassed to tell a supervisor. Finally, I informed two people I was working with that I was very light-headed and afraid I would faint. I crouched down on the floor on the production line because I was swaying when I stood.

I finally notified a team leader and she took me outside in the fresh air while I cried and shook.

I drove myself to the er after work because I’m sick of this happening. They gave me vistaril, which only sedated me and made me feel high as a kite. It didn’t take my symptoms away too much.

That’s my experience.

I went to “the best” in this twilight zone throw back where im at and its $500 …it probably would have been cheaper and more productive to just kill someone.

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hospitals are not good for psychiatric help. I hope you find a pdoc to take care of you. good luck getting a benzo, my pdoc won’t prescribe them for anxiety.