Is getting a foldable city bike a good idea?

Is it1?110101010011010

Will it make me feel like I belong outside?

I’ve seen a couple, they look ok.
You have trouble leaving the house? I know I do, baby steps. First I went to the grocery store, then went for a walk, then went swimming, now I can already go out with friends


Why “foldable”? non-foldable bikes are a lot less expensive.

I guess the key reason people buy foldable bikes is that they can fold to take up less space in your house or car, or boat, etc.

I’d recommend buying a cheap used bike and try it out for a while and see if it helps you get out of the house.

Anything that helps you get out and exercising is going to help your negative symptoms, I think.


Here foldable bikes can be taken on trains for free, if you want a non foldable bike on a train you need to get an extra ticket for it.

Yeah I like the possibility of taking it on the train

It’s more of a security thing I’m looking for. Will a bike make me more secure outside?

I can see it all right now: @SzAdmin is riding his foldable bike on top of the sea, boat dangling nearby. :smiley:

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maybe you should try and see why do you feel insecure, a bike would provide a faster means of transportation thats for sure, but secure? idk

Just feel insecure when I’m outside for no apparent reason. I can only buy food drinks and cigs once a day

It happens to me too, I just try to fight it. I keep getting scared of dogs, I never was scared of dogs, I had three dogs man. Now I’m scared of them. But I go out anyway, the fear just dissipates after awhile

It’s more the feeling of being idle that makes me insesure

ah, I get it.
That sucks, i dont know what to tell you.
Maybe a bike is good for that.

This being a good idea or not is dependant upon millions of factors so i wouldn’t know.

Let me me tell you brother …that nothing gives you confidence like rolling down the road with everyone staring at you.

Don’t forget to call them “Gas Clowns!!!”