Is Geodon that weak?

Invega helps me with my voices. Risperidone didn’t. To me it are entirely different drugs.

Maybe worth asking about.

Do you have a plan to get to see a pdoc?

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Try Vraylar @Aziz
It’s worth a shot.

I may be coming off Risperidone

I’m not a nursing Mother!


I have no postivie symptoms now on risperidone. I am waiting for the hospital to call me to see if they allow me to see a pdoc. They won’t call if they refused me and its been weeks no call, maybe I have to wait a year or more.

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Maybe it’s time for a holiday to a place where you can see a pdoc easily😉

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You mention you get angry and irritable on lower doses - have you considered CBT or other forms of therapy to learn to lessen and manage the anger?

We can’t always choose whether or not to be angry or irritable, but we can choose not to dwell on it, and we can learn to choose how to react to it.


Yes I can with meds.

Also I am not reducing my meds and going back to hell risking of killng myself or others including a therapist.

I’m in no way suggesting you lower your meds to a point of becoming dangerous.

I just think it may do you good to experience just enough irritability/anger that you learn to control it instead of medicating it away.


I take 80 mg x 2 Geodon and 400 x 2 Seroquel daily. I like Geodon. It controls my symptoms without cognitive side effects.

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geodon is pretty weak but i dont think dosage conversions are 100% accurate.

i just started geodon a couple weeks ago but i refilled my invega because i had anxiety everyday and had second thoughts because of my bad experience on geodon a few years ago i didnt want it to repeat.

i have my refill coming of the geodon part of me wants to take it because my pdoc thinks im on it and i know i will lose alot of weight if i take it because i have in the past but another part im scared i will go nuts again.

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I wish it was possible, I even got mad at a therapist and at my pdoc, my pdoc brought me to court. Bad memories so I am not going to reduce my meds to maybe “control” myself with therapy. Not worth the risks. There must be another way.

That’s the Devil’s bargain I live with.

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That’s an interesting calculator.

It says my Latuda dose is 6mg Risperidone

I thought it was a weak med

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50mg of Abilify!

Geodon is weaker than Latuda according to the calcutor. Idk if I trust it honestly, better ask your Dr.

I let the pharmacist sort all that out so far this year

She said 129.5mg of Latuda is near my 800mg dose of Amisulpride

Amisulpride isn’t on there so I can’t check it

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That means the calculator is right as Amisulpride is the 2nd most effective after Clozapine according to studies.

But I think there are exception if you’re treatment resistant to a med, myself Zyprexa never worked for me even Latuda and Abilify were better.

Olanzapine worked for me at the cost of making me a fat zombie

I am lucky I had the sense to come off it myself before I became diabetic

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Me too squire me too

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